Long-term supplier of semiconductor equipment parts abroad, stable and consistent quality control.




  • Take modified nano-alumina powder, advanced forming technology and special sintering process, the ceramic capillary with high density, high hardness, high wear resistance, excellent chemical stability and uniform structure was obtained. Net size, high automatical molding method, to minimize the follow-up processing time, efficiently meet the mass production requirement.

    Products have passed the ROHS and REACH environmental certification of the European Chemicals Agency, in accordance with EU Regulation No. 1907/2006.

  • All feature sizes are processed using imported full production equipment. High-precision processing equipment and rich processing experience provide customers with strict size products.

  • 1. Domestic independent development, production, and manufacturing, not subject to intellectual property rights and other conditions, and good flexibility;
    2. In domestic production and manufacturing, the time period of changing the parameters of the sickle is short and the adaptability is stronger;
    3. Excellent R&D team can produce better products from the selection of raw materials, the improvement of production process and the improvement of processing technology;
    4, with customers can carry out one-to-one communication and exchange, to better provide customers with more suitable and better sickle products;
    5. Customize special parameters according to customer's special requirements;

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          Stable:  Long-term supplier of semiconductor equipment parts abroad, stable and consistent quality control.

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          Focus: Focus on the development, molding, sintering and precision manufacturing of ceramic materials
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