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Because the excellent special characteristics of advanced ceramics. Super pure ceramics usually apply to the cycle of semiconductor manufacture, include semiconductor chip and chip handling, semiconductor manufacture(front-end) and semiconductor package(behind-end). The advanced electric conduction, anti-static and insulated ceramic components in Suntech, can ensure the reliable service in aviation and aerospace technology, automobile industry, optoelectronics, measure and control technology, industrial and consumer electronics. Advanced ceramics has a lot of excellent special characteristics, it widely used in the industry of semiconductor equipment. Its performance superiorities are in the below: Advanced ceramic materials with high temperature resistance and good mechanical properties in high temperature environments; Advanced ceramic materials have high anti-static properties, while many other materials generate electrostatic effects in high-temperature environments. Adsorption of dust particles and other foreign matter affects the use of equipment. Some will conduct electricity in high temperature environments and cause equipment to be inoperable.Whether you're in the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, or medical industry, our ALN Ceramics Heater is a versatile solution tailored to your specific needs. It seamlessly integrates into a wide range of applications, including PVD, CVD, ALD, glue coating and developing machines, laser annealing, and thermal compression bonding machines (TCB). Overcome the bottlenecks and inefficiencies of your core processes with our cutting-edge technology.

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