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Suntech ESD-Safe Ceramic
Aug 11, 2016

ESD-ceramic, besides having the ceramic properties of high resistance to wear and tear, high temperature, chemical corrosion and high hardness etc, also has electrostatic dissipation property to stop accumulation.  A working dissipative material must have a middle level surface resistivity of 104-1010Ω•cm.The major application is for protection of microelectronic devices during their manufacturing, handling and usage.  

Advantages Of Suntech ESD-Safe  Ceramic:

 ● Combined excellent ESD-safe function with ceramic’s inherent mechanical properties;

 ● Suitable surface resistivity;

 ● High mechanical strength;

 ● Excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

 ● Size stability;

 ● High surface finish;

 ● Can manufacture different shapes and sizes according to customers’ requirements through
Suntech’s forming methods such as injection moulding, dry pressing and cold isostatic pressing. 

 ● Numerous own patents

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