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Research On Modification Of 96% Al2O3
Aug 11, 2016

In order to provide a pure white 96% Al2O3 ceramic with higher density and good size stability, Suntech’s R&D team make modification in that formula to reach very good properties.Now, this 96% Al2Opowders were applied many products in our company, such as Shovel block, 16mm and 19mm tips,  M12, M14 and M17 screw thread parts, special lamp shell, et al.

Advantages Of Suntech 96% Al2O3 Ceramic :

 ● High hardness(Moh’s hardness:9), good wear resistance;

 ● Good mechanical strength( bending strength≥ 300MPa);

 ● Good heat resistance (long time used above 1500℃);

 ● Good electrical insulation performance ( surface resistivity: 1014Ω•cm);

 ● High dielectric strength (15kV/mm);

 ● Good chemical erosion resistance

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