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Porous Ceramics Large Filtration Area And High Filtration Efficiency
Oct 18, 2017

A filtration device consisting of Porous Ceramics plates or tubular products, it has the characteristics of large filtration area and high filtration efficiency, it is widely used in water purification treatment, separation and filtration of oil, as well as separation and filtration of organic solution, acid and alkali solution, viscous liquid, compressed air, coke oven gas, methane, acetylene, etc.

In addition, Porous Ceramics with high temperature, wear resistance, chemical corrosion and other advantages, in high-temperature fluids, molten metals, corrosive fluids, radioactive fluids, such as filtration separation, showing a unique advantage.

In foundry industry, foam ceramic filters are often used to remove non-metallic impurities in molten metal. As a molten metal filter, its service conditions are rather harsh, requiring that Porous Ceramics not only have sufficient strength and good thermal shock resistance, but also have the ability to resist metal, and do not react with the filter metal high-temperature.

Usually multi-component metal oxides, including silicate, Mullite, Cocoon bluestone, Silicon carbide, zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, and so on, with these raw materials into a two-layer or three-layer filtration system. Can be used to filter ferroalloy, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, bronze, steel, zinc and so on.

High temperature dedusting technology is a core technology for energy utilization and environmental protection to achieve energy efficient utilization and low pollution emission. High temperature gas dry dust removal technology requires to realize the dry dust removal and purification of gas directly at high temperature, to use the physical heat of gas to the maximum extent, to improve energy utilization, to save water resources while realizing gas clean emission, and to avoid two times water pollution caused by wet dust removal.

General situation of dry dedusting technology:

According to the mechanism of dust removal, high-temperature gas dry dust removal technology can be divided into inertia dust, electrostatic precipitator and filter dust. The inertia dust collector has high temperature resistance, but the dust removal efficiency is low; electrostatic precipitator is suitable for high-temperature gas dust removal, but the electrode life is short, the material stability is poor, the dust removal efficiency is affected by the dust than the resistance. Ordinary fiber bag filter dust remover, although the dust removal efficiency is high, but the

Porous Ceramics because of its material and organic materials have better adsorption and affinity to biological, the filter used for sewage treatment has the advantages of high efficiency, but also has the quality of large, poor machinability. Porous Ceramics with superior performance are often expensive, so Porous Ceramicss used in wastewater treatment also need to develop cheap and efficient waste water treatment carrier filter material, improve the repetition of the use of materials. However, the environmental protection of the wind blowing a chicken feather in the environment, Porous Ceramicss still ushered in the opportunity.

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