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High Purity Alumina Liquidity, Dust, Insulation Capacity
Sep 28, 2017

The preparation of High Purity Alumina  is higher than that of the original powder. It is generally the main raw material of alumina powder with purity> 99.99% crystal phase as α phase. The characteristics of high purity ultrafine alumina powder determine the properties of the final preparation of High Purity Alumina . In the preparation of high purity alumina powder, the purity of the powder is high, the particle size is small and the distribution is uniform, the powder activity is high, and the degree of agglomeration is low. This allows High Purity Alumina  to be produced at relatively low temperatures. Therefore, in order to prepare High Purity Alumina , first to prepare high purity alumina powder.

The physical properties of alumina meet the following production requirements: rapid dissolution in the electrolyte, less sedimentation at the bottom of the tank; good fluidity, convenient for pneumatic conveying and automatic addition to the cell; less loss of charge during feeding and transport Aluminum oxide consumption, improve the environment; the adsorption capacity of hydrogen fluoride, can improve the dry flue gas purification effect; good insulation properties, can form a good crust on the electrolyte, shielding electrolyte melt, reduce heat loss; effective protection of anodic oxidation, Reduce anode consumption

The physical properties of the alumina, such as the mobility of the alumina, the amount of dust, the ability to maintain heat, the rate of dissolution in the cryolite melt, and the ability to adsorb hydrogen fluoride, are largely dependent on the crystal form, particle size and geometry of the alumina crystals.

In terms of chemical purity, it is required that the impurity content and moisture content of the alumina be low. Because the oxide in the aluminum oxide elements, such as SiO2, Fe2O3, TiO2, etc., in the electrolysis process will be aluminum reduction, or take precedence over aluminum ions in the cathode precipitation, precipitation of Si, Fe, Ti into the aluminum To reduce the grade of aluminum; and those potential loss of aluminum oxide, such as Na2O, CaO will decompose cryolite, so that the electrolyte composition changes, and increase the consumption of fluoride. Alkaline water in the same decomposition of cryolite, one is caused by fluoride consumption, the second is to increase the hydrogen content of aluminum, the third is to produce hydrogen fluoride gas pollution of the environment. P2O5 will affect the current efficiency. Therefore, the production must be as much as possible to reduce the impurity content of alumina.

High purity alumina industry outbreak soon. High purity alumina is usually porous, highly dispersible, insulation, heat resistance and other characteristics, according to the different purity and size of the size used in different areas, 3N is mainly used in advanced ceramics, 4N for the phosphor, 5N Used in sapphire crystal, lithium battery separator, advanced ceramic, PDP phosphor and some high-performance materials, can significantly improve product performance and added value. High purity nano-alumina insulation, insulation, high temperature characteristics, can be used for battery coating. With the continuous improvement of lithium-ion rechargeable battery capacity, the internal storage of energy is increasing, the internal temperature will increase, if the temperature is too high will cause the diaphragm to melt and cause short circuit. In the diaphragm coated with a layer of nano-alumina coating, to avoid short-circuit between the electrodes to improve the safety of lithium batteries.

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