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Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments Improve Performance
Jul 18, 2017

The cultural specialty of Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments lies not only in its wide range of social life, nature, culture, customs, philosophy, but also the way it reflects it. It is a three-dimensional national culture carrier, or is a still national culture dance. This is determined by the characteristics of the ceramic. One piece of work, no matter how the subject matter, style, like a note, in the beating, playing in the synthesis of ceramic culture melody. Some of these melodies, some agitation, some deep, some enthusiasm, some reason, some colorful, and some natural nature, constitute an unparalleled breath of Chinese ceramic culture large symphony!

       As one of the Chinese culture of the ceramic culture, in the national maternal birth, growth and development, it is a living cohesion with the creator of emotion, with the fragrance of the soil, retain the creator of the corresponding artistic atmosphere of the image With the national culture, narrated a beautiful story, showing a broad picture of social life, recording the ups and downs of the mortal beings, describing the national psychology, spirit and character development and change, along with the national hi and sad and forward.

Ceramic colors are natural and beautiful, can effectively resist the ultraviolet radiation, long time often new, and rich colors, for the owners and architects to provide a larger choice of space, to meet the architectural designers of colorful colors with the requirements.

In the use of stone, metal and glass, etc., the ceramic facade will make the building in the rich while maintaining coherence.

To maximize the curtain wall to meet the edge of the closure of the local design needs, whether it is flat or corner or other parts, can maintain the curtain wall facade coherent, natural and beautiful.

 Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments refers to a natural mineral or synthetic compounds as the basic raw materials, by crushing, forming and high temperature sintering and other processes made of an inorganic non-metallic solid materials. From the type of product, the ceramic is the pottery and porcelain two categories of products in general, and later developed to refer to the entire silicate materials and new inorganic materials.

Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments are usually divided into two categories: traditional Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments and specialty Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments. Traditional Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments, also known as ordinary Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments, it is a natural silicate minerals (clay, feldspar, quartz, etc.) as raw materials, so this type of ceramic, also known as silicate Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments, mainly for daily, Sanitary Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments and high and low pressure insulation ceramic products, etc .; special Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments, also known as modern Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments or new Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments, it is to improve the performance of Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments to high purity artificial compounds as the basic raw materials, and follow the traditional ceramic manufacturing process And made. Commonly used special Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments are the following:

(1) oxide Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments such as alumina porcelain, magnesium oxide porcelain, titanium oxide and so on.

(2) non-oxide Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments such as boron nitride porcelain, silicon carbide porcelain, calcium fluoride porcelain and so on.

(3) composite Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments such as alumina and magnesium oxide combination of magnesium aluminum spinel porcelain, from alumina and silicon nitride combination of silicon nitride and other aluminum nitride.

(4) metal Ceramic Semiconductor Instruments such as oxide-based cermets, carbide-based cermets, boride-based cermets, and the like.

(5) fiber reinforced ceramic ceramic matrix in the addition of metal fibers or inorganic fibers made of a high strength, high toughness ceramic.

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