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Ceramic Printing Instruments Routine Maintenance Must Have
Jun 28, 2017

The core equipment of printing enterprises is Ceramic Printing Instruments, which has a pivotal position in the printing business. Therefore, to ensure the good operation of Ceramic Printing Instruments is the focus of printing production management. Only the maintenance of Ceramic Printing Instruments to do in order to ensure the smooth production of printing enterprises.

Printing team in the printing production process, to do everyone care equipment, everyone care equipment, have a high sense of responsibility and mission. When I entered the factory, the master once taught us that "the plant is the face, the equipment is the eye", "love equipment will be like to love their own eyes" and so on, so that we first in mind to establish the concept of care equipment. In the production process, the operator should always pay attention to the state of the equipment, inspection Feida, printing unit, the collection part, the wind cabinet, water tank and compressor are abnormal, if found abnormal, should be shut down in time to find the reasons,Ceramic Printing Instruments Failure, the fault stifled in the bud. The author for a brand of printing presses, equipment, routine maintenance work mainly in the following parts.

Routine maintenance must have

(1) every morning before the boot in the boot, to check the Ceramic Printing Instruments CP window, LCD screen and console are abnormal, and observe the fountain solution and dusting device in the fountain solution and powder is run out, Avoid equipment dry, dry spray.

(2) check the fence on the fence is tight top to death, in order to avoid the phenomenon of ink leakage during printing, resulting in the Ceramic Printing Instruments, sidewalls stacked ink.

(3) in the production process, the operator's clothes cuffs, hem should be fastened, the operator should wear soft bottom shoes, do not allow the equipment pedal stacking debris (such as clean version of the agent, oil pot, car wash and dust Etc.), in the open baffle hood should be gently pull, do not allow throwing tools.

(4) check the impression cylinder, printing plate drum clean state. In the morning before the production, the plant is often relatively quiet, this time should be low-speed operation of equipment, check whether there is abnormal sound, carefully listen to each printing unit of the gas path, check the trachea is aging cracking, cylinder leak phenomenon. Many printing companies do not attach importance to the problem of gas leakage,Ceramic Printing Instruments they often overlooked the gas leak will not only accelerate the aging of the pump, but also cause the production of water, ink pressure is not in place, and ultimately affect the quality of printed materials.

(5) every day in strict accordance with the Heidelberg operation manual for day maintenance, so careful and meticulous, the refueling point, clean point to be meticulous, not because of production and neglect maintenance or perfunctory.

(6) every day before get off work, to the equipment for a comprehensive cleaning, cleaning ink and water roller, plate cylinder, impression cylinder,Ceramic Printing Instruments remove each printing unit of the ink chip base, clean the shoulder iron, I have seen a printing business of the ink chip with the foundation for three days before the demolition of cleaning, I do not know this is likely to cause the ink chip foundation grinding, making the ink flow to the ink on the motor, causing ink adjustment failure, the equipment is difficult to normal operation.

Routine maintenance of equipment is the key to equipment maintenance, printing enterprises should give enough attention. In addition, the equipment in the daily maintenance, printing enterprises should also pay attention to the equipment of small failures, its timely processing, not over. Some printing companies are always blindly pursue the benefits, that the operator downtime maintenance equipment is "grinding workers." Printing business managers should abandon this concept, on the contrary for the maintenance of the equipment operators should be encouraged. Equipment, small problems like a small problem on the human body, to timely "medical" treatment, so as not to cause "minor illness big illness, serious illness tiger eat people" consequences.

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