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Ceramic Printing Instruments Maintenance Is Very Important
May 24, 2017

Ceramic Printing Instruments in the course of the use of some drums, scratches and other issues, carton and printing presses manufacturers, printing presses and ceramic roller manufacturers will be between each other to shirk responsibility, mutual accusations. 

What are the problems with ceramic anilox rolls? The following one by one. 

First, ceramic corrosion drum package

Phenomenon: ceramic surface arch, serious lead to ceramic surface cracking associated with rust, hand touch with a raised feeling.

the reason:

1. The transition layer is defective, does not play a very good protective effect, the solution easily penetrate into the steel matrix, thereby corroding the substrate.

2. Customers without the use of strong acid and alkali cleaning agent cleaning ceramic roller, breakdown transition layer.  

Second, the ceramic roller surface with circumferential scratches

Phenomenon: to see the naked eye with anilox roller in the circumferential direction of the shiny lines, a serious hand touch concave feeling, in the high-power microscope to see the location of the scratched mesh mesh wall has collapsed.

Reason: a small hard particles into the ink system, and then be carried to the anilox roller and embedded in the mesh, when the roller rotation, the scraper will hit the hard particles, and then lead the hard particles hit the wall, poor impact resistance , Easy to be broken.   

Third, the ceramic roller surface pattern

Phenomenon: the entire roller surface showing irregular irregular stripes.

Reason: ceramic coating density is not enough, uneven density.

Fourth, the ceramic roller surface with spiral pattern

Phenomenon: Scraper The Ceramic Printing Instruments after the ink, soon appeared in the circumference of the width of the twill, and the twill is continuous.

Reason: Grinding the ceramic roller surface grinding wheel did not repair.  

Fifth, the ceramic roll off powder


1. Ceramic surface appears strange spots, spots on the outline of the ceramic powder color is particularly light, rough, carved here after the ceramic surface off;

2. Carved after the bright spots, with adhesive tape can be here to stick to the wall.

the reason:

1. The spray process is caused by a metal drop in the file;

2. There is oil on the coating caused by poor adhesion.       

The Ceramic Printing Instruments is an expensive fitting for the press, and its maintenance is very important.

Maintenance should be from the anilox roller into the factory from the moment has been highly valued, and not wait until the problem and then "remedy", should pay attention to the following places:

First, the ceramic roll Although the surface is very hard, and hard corresponds to the brittle, vulnerable. Whether it is moving, transport or installation, etc., must be careful, with particular attention to the surface can not collide with any hard objects, do not pay attention to the roller surface "broken phase", regardless of size, will affect the printing quality and the whole Root roller scrapped. 

Because the ceramic layer can not be repaired, the only way to break is to wear the entire ceramic layer and then re-spray production       

Second, after each printing should take advantage of the ink before the ceramic roller is clean, because the dry ink after the very difficult to clean, plug too serious, then the cleaning fluid are powerless, unless the use of powder cleaning, or only scrapped.      

Third, each time the machine stops after the scraping rounds (rubber roller) or scraper must be separated from the ceramic roller, or easy to place in contact with the water or rust.       

Fourth, if the scraper system with the scraper, then the pressure of the scraper must start from the minimum start debugging, and gradually increase until the appropriate so far, and can not be transferred to a large pressure at once to tune, too much pressure is not easy Speed up the anilox roller wear, but also likely to cause the blade deformation caused by scraping clean.      

5, the temporary roller must be placed in a special box or special storage rack, even if it is intended to take the renovation of the old roll can not be casually lost on the ground, because the roller body is concave, then the majority of manufacturers to roll reduction, Is the need for additional charges.

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