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Ceramic Bearing With High Temperature, Cold
Jun 06, 2017

Ceramic Bearingas an important mechanical foundation pieces, because of its metal bearings can not match the excellent performance, high temperature, super strength in the world of new materials dominate. Over the past decade, in the national economy and people in various fields has been increasingly widely used.


1, because the ceramic is almost not afraid of corrosion, so the ceramic rolling bearings suitable for corrosive media in the harsh conditions of operation.

2, because the ceramic rolling ball density is lower than the steel, the weight is much lighter, so the rotation of the outer ring when the centrifugal effect can be reduced by 40%, and thus greatly extend the service life.

3, the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of the ceramic than the steel is small, so the gap in the bearing must be allowed to change the temperature difference in the more intense environment to work.

4, because the ceramic elastic modulus than steel, stress is not easy to deformation, it is conducive to improve the working speed, and to achieve high accuracy.

The main purpose:

Ceramic Bearingwith high temperature, cold, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic insulation, no oil self-lubricating, high speed and other characteristics. It can be widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, navigation, petroleum, chemical, automobile, electronic equipment, metallurgy, electric power, textile, pump, medical device, scientific research and national defense and military fields. New materials used in high-tech products.

Ceramic bearing rings and rolling body using all-ceramic materials, zirconia (zirconia), silicon nitride (silicon nitride), silicon carbide (SIC) three. The holder is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, nylon 66, polyetherimide, zirconia, silicon nitride, stainless steel or special aviation aluminum, thus expanding the application of Ceramic Medical Instruments.

Application areas:

Medical equipment, low temperature engineering, optical instruments, high-speed machine tools, high-speed motors, printing machinery, food processing machinery.

In the aerospace, marine, nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical, textile industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, food, locomotive, subway, high-speed machine tools and scientific research military and other fields need high temperature, high speed, Explosive, strong corrosion, vacuum, electrical insulation, non-magnetic, dry friction and other special conditions of work, Ceramic Bearingindispensable alternative role is being gradually recognized.

With the continuous improvement of processing technology, the increasing level of technology, Ceramic Bearingcontinue to decline in the cost of the past has only in some high, refined, sharp areas of small applications, and gradually extended to the various sectors of the national economy, product market prices Also gradually close to the practical, to the user acceptable level, the ceramic bearing spring has arrived.

Use Category:

(1) high-speed bearings: with cold resistance, small elasticity, high pressure resistance, poor thermal conductivity, light weight, small friction coefficient, can be used in 12000 rev / min -75000 r / min high-speed spindle and other high Precision equipment;

(2) high temperature bearings: the material itself has a high temperature of 1200 ℃, and self-lubricating good, the use of temperature between 100 ℃ -800 ℃ due to temperature caused by the expansion can be applied in the furnace, plastic, steel and other high temperature Equipment;

(3) corrosion-resistant bearings: the material itself has a corrosion-resistant properties, can be used in strong acid, alkali, inorganic, organic salts, seawater and other fields, such as: electroplating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment.

(4) anti-magnetic bearings: non-magnetic non-suction dust, can reduce the bearing ahead of peeling, noise and other large equipment can be used in demagnetization equipment and other fields.

(5) electrical insulation bearings: due to high resistance, can avoid arc damage bearings, can be used in a variety of requirements of the insulation of electrical equipment.

(6) vacuum bearings: ceramic material because of the unique oil-free self-lubricating properties, in the ultra-high vacuum environment, can overcome the ordinary bearing can not achieve lubrication problems. Note: The above five types of bearings, the same set of bearings can be applied to high temperature, high speed, acid, magnetic field, non-insulation, but the material performance is different so please users choose products, according to their application to select Material the most suitable Ceramic Medical Instruments.

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