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Ceramic Bearing The Best Process Control, The Most Advanced Production Technology
Jul 07, 2017

In the procurement and supply management, the industry is different, can be divided into large quantities or small quantities of two categories. Equipment, manufacturing, large-scale medical, communications equipment, etc. is a lot of procurement types, but each kind of purchase, equipment, large-scale medical, communications equipment, etc., but the procurement of a large number of types of aircraft, The purchase amount is very low, is a typical small batch. The two categories of procurement and supply management requirements are not the same.

Massive procurement and supply management in the environment is relatively mature, the domestic and more familiar with; small batch is to be developed, whether domestic or foreign. In the country, large quantities of manufacturing competitiveness; in the United States, small batch industry is the leading manufacturing sector. The reason why the United States in this high value-added industry-leading, in addition to leading technology, well-designed, the relatively perfect procurement and supply management also contributed.

The Ceramic Bearing industry is located upstream of the electronics supply chain, including chip manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. Take the computer as an example, Dell is a computer manufacturer, Intel to Dell to provide chips (is the chip manufacturer), application materials (abbreviation?) To Intel to provide chip production equipment (equipment manufacturers), application materials have their own supply (Parts suppliers), providing spare parts and other services.

One of the characteristics of the Ceramic Bearing industry is the company's high degree of integration. So far, the world's major manufacturers of production chips also come, including Intel, AMD, Samsung, Toshiba, TSMC, UMC, Hynix, STMicroelectronics, SMIC, far below the 2000 Many, and the company mergers and acquisitions, the Union of the wind continues. Related equipment industry is also the case, the world's major suppliers also more than ten, basically by the United States and Japan monopoly, including the application of materials, Tokyo Electronics, Lam Research, KLA-Tencor, ASML and so on. These equipment manufacturers and silicon-based, such as the above five companies, in addition to Tokyo Electronics, the headquarters are in Silicon Valley, around Intel, AMD and other giants around the formation of industrial clusters. Silicon Valley "silicon" is from the Ceramic Bearing industry, because the Ceramic Bearing is the main raw material of silicon. Around these equipment manufacturers, many parts manufacturers and service providers are also centrally located in Silicon Valley, located in the surrounding areas. This pattern has changed with global sourcing, but it is undeniable that the best process control, the most advanced production technology suppliers, mostly within the tens of kilometers around the Silicon Valley. These suppliers after decades of accumulation, the experience is low-cost countries, competitors are difficult to go beyond.

The second part of the characteristics of the Ceramic Bearing industry is "copy copy" (Copy Exactly), which is the industry can mass production of the key, but also worn on the head of the industry spell. "Strict copy" means: Once the production process, parameters, equipment to determine the good, you can not arbitrarily change. The reason is that the complexity of the chip production process: familiar with the industry people know that chip manufacturing is a chemical reaction process, dozens of chemical gases together, coupled with voltage, temperature, pressure and other parameters, the reaction process is very complex, The results are difficult to predict. Scientists and engineers after years of exploration, to explore some of the formula, once able to achieve the intended purpose, it will be fixed, can not be changed. If you want to expand the scale of production, to build a exactly the same production line, save time and effort. "Strict copy" is the originator of Intel, is able to create a glorious history of a factor. This means that the equipment manufacturers, means that equipment, parts of the production process once locked, it can not change, otherwise cause the chip manufacturers to change the process, the loss at every turn to millions. In the case of very small production, the requirements of each production of parts and components are the same, the process, quality control requirements of the strict, can be described as harsh. The Ceramic Bearing industry, sounds high tech, should be full of vitality, innovation, but in the "strict copy" under the curse, innovation, improvement as wearing a shackle dance. Between the change and the same to seek a balance between the industry has become a compulsory course. Successful business is successful, is able to change in the same change.

Ceramic Bearing equipment manufacturing industry witnessed this law. In 2000, the industry was mainly technology-driven, a company as long as there is a good technology, good products, no matter how expensive you will sell out, the customer's total life cost of the equipment is not so sensitive today (full life costs include equipment procurement , Maintenance, spare parts and other costs). 2000 years ago on the Ceramic Bearing equipment industry is a watershed. Internet bubble burst, orders dropped, coupled with more mature technology, customer pressure on increasing pressure. In order to survive, some equipment manufacturers to carry out drastic reform, reflected in the procurement, is for the product category, the establishment of supply management departments, to other industries to recruit highly qualified personnel; systematically integrated suppliers, eliminate inefficient, small Suppliers, centralized procurement, access to economies of scale. These are some similar industry experienced. For example, the aircraft manufacturing industry, in response to the nineties of last century downturn, the system to adopt the supplier management system, integration of suppliers, import lean production. And the source of these are high-volume industries, such as home appliances, automotive, computer industry, but also reflects the advanced approach to supply management from large quantities to small batch transition trend.

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