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The Advantages Of Hybrid Bearings
Aug 12, 2016

Hybrid ceramic bearings may be less common, and hybrid ceramic bearings are mainly configured by the inner and outer rings of bearing steel / stainless steel + ceramic balls + PA66 / stainless steel holder + 2RS / ZZ combination. Hybrid ceramic bearing has the following four advantages during use.

(1).high temperature, thermal expansion coefficient ceramic ball, in a high temperature environment not because of temperature cause the expansion ball bearings, thereby greatly enhancing the overall temperature of the bearing, plain bearing temperature around 160 degrees, with ceramic balls you can reach more than 220 degrees.

(2).high speed ceramic ball with no oil self-lubricating properties, low coefficient of friction ceramic balls, the ceramic ball bearings with high speed. Counter statistics with ceramic ball bearings bearing speed is generally 1.5 times more speed.

(3).long life, with ceramic balls can not add any fat, which means that even get rid of grease, the bearing can still operate, thus avoiding the occurrence of bearing because grease kill cause premature failure of the bearing ordinary phenomena. According to our ceramic ball bearing life after testing and feedback of some customers is 2-3 times that of ordinary bearings.

(4).insulated with ceramic ball bearings, inner and outer rings can make the insulation between the bearing, because the ceramic balls is an insulator between the inner and outer rings with ceramic ball bearing, we can achieve an insulating effect. This allows the bearing It can be used in a conductive environment. This is the biggest advantage of hybrid ceramic bearings.

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