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Pottery Art Features
Aug 12, 2016

Ceramics has a long history and cultural heritage, it is an interdisciplinary, ceramics Throughout history it can be said that a Chinese cultural history. So pottery also attendant, far away in the Neolithic Age, it has been rough style, simple gray pottery, terracotta, white pottery, painted pottery and black pottery and crafts. Shang has appeared glazed pottery and porcelain products in its nature hard-glazed pottery. Pottery is the most ancient arts and crafts, and things settled based on storage needs, totem patterns as the main representative of pottery crafts pottery became of that period; but the real porcelain crafts are created in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the era of ceramics plant grain patterns emerged, reflecting the development and improvement of productivity, people gradually get rid of the shackles of the field of aesthetic and religious significance deification thought, and to appreciate the natural plants as objects, to obtain spiritual liberation; Tang Dynasty ceramics production technology and artistic creativity has reached a high degree of maturity, and the emergence of celadon pottery class mottled dripping jade, porcelain decorative this period has changed in the past to animal prints dominated traditional features, started for the natural and living off the leash, with rich, free strong interest in life; the Song Dynasty Porcelain manufacture flourish, kilns emerged in many different decorative patterns of hand ceramic crafts; ceramics from the Ming and Qing Dynasties blank, decoration, glazing to firing and technically more than the previous generation, decorative patterns lotus Scroll to the representative, the painting has been adapted to the needs of ceramic decoration; Qing dynasty porcelain in the production process technology and production have reached the peak of history, ceramic art and therefore each period, each with craft style. China's ceramic still flourished, high quality and beautiful shape, glaze, Microhyla modeling are highly artistic value, ceramic technology products produced in the more important are: the origin of Jingdezhen ceramic art, crafts many varieties, is China Ceramics capital; Yixing Yixing pottery, mainly tea, wine, stationery and other real supplies; Guangdong Shiwan pottery, mostly pottery figures, animals and fruit and other furnishings; Hunan Tongguan green glazed pottery glazes and Liling multicolored ceramic art; Sichuan chongning of carved glazed pottery; Tangshan porcelain etc are known.

Pottery is one of the plastic arts, art and practical skills in various combination made and appreciate the value of art. It usually has a dual nature: both material goods, but also has varying degrees of aesthetic and moral. As material goods, it reflects a certain age, a certain level of production and social material culture; as a spiritual product that visual image (shape, color, decoration) also reflects the aesthetic of a certain age. Generally divided into two categories: first, the daily process, that is furnished real life processed products, such as some of the dyeing process, ceramics, furniture, crafts; second, display technology, which is intended for appreciation furnishings, so ivory carvings, jade carvings, decorative painting. Our arts and crafts production earlier, such as Neolithic pottery has previously been Etched white pottery, Shang Dynasty jade has been, realistic modeling and patterning approach Shang That exhibit strong practical and artistic . Their production, often due to historical period, geography, economy, cultural and technical levels, still learning and different ethnic aesthetic point of view and show a different style characteristics.

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