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Notes Ceramic Tool Applications
Aug 12, 2016

Ceramic cutting tool and workpiece material match

Different types of ceramic cutting tools have different range of applications, it is required to select the right kind of tool ceramics and grades to match the material to be processed "match." Alumina (Al2O3) ceramic base suitable for processing all kinds of steel (prime structural steel, alloy steel, high strength steel, high manganese steel, hardened steel, etc.) and a variety of cast iron, also can be processed copper alloy, graphite, plastic and composite materials; machining steel superior Si3N4 based ceramic cutting tools; but should not be used for machining aluminum and titanium alloys, otherwise prone to chemical wear. Si3N4-based ceramic processing latitude similar to alumina-based ceramic, most suitable for high speed machining of cast iron and high-temperature alloys, generally should not be used to produce long chips of steel processing material (eg normalizing and hot-rolled state). Sialon (Sialon) Ceramics most suitable for processing a variety of cast iron (gray iron, ductile iron, chilled cast iron, high-alloy cast iron, etc.) and nickel-based superalloy, should not be used for machining steel materials.

Choose the right tool geometry

At present, some new varieties of ceramic knives have the strength and toughness greatly improved, but that is a brittle material, the lower bending strength and high compressive strength. To take full advantage of ceramic tool materials, high compressive strength characteristics of ceramic cutting tools generally use a negative rake angle. But should not grind negative chamfer cutter chamfering after cutting force increased, so the poor rigidity of machining the workpiece.

Reasonable choice of cutting parameters

Ceramic cutting tools have excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance, so the impact on the amount of cutting tool wear smaller than the carbide tools. Thus, the cutting should be based on the nature of the workpiece material, the machine power, process system rigidity and strength to allow the blade under the premise, try to use a large knife back to eat the amount of cutting and cutting, to give full play to high-temperature performance and good . For example, Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory fitted with Si3N4 blade (SM grade) of machine folder face mill (diameter of 250mm, the number of teeth 7) Milling HT200 cylinder head plane (1, otherwise easily lead to tool breakage or chipping. Similarly, in cutting process should also try to avoid cutting half-way stop or change the dosage.

Structure and sharpening ceramic tool

The current structure of the ceramic tool they use a structure in the form of machine folder indexable insert. The shape of the blade has a triangular shape, square, prismatic and round like. Insert clamping must be solid and reliable, the blade clamping force should be directed against the positioning surface.

Ceramic tool sharpening tool grinder should be on jig grinding, grinding to ensure quality. Sharpening ceramic tool is currently mostly used resin bond diamond wheel, the selection of kibble 80/100 - 100/120 grit, grinding, fine grinding with a 170/200 ~ 325/400 size, concentration of 75% to 100%.

Select the appropriate machine equipment

Ceramic machine tool must have high rigidity, high power and high speed, so as to give full play to its performance, and achieved good economic benefits. In addition, better precision machine tools, jigs and clamping means clamping the workpiece must be reliable in order to avoid vibration when machining the ceramic tool breakage. It must be noted, many of the current production of machine tools can not meet the processing requirements of ceramic knives, ceramic tool so potential has not been fully play, increase in the future as CNC machine tools (NC) and machining center (MC), such as efficient use of equipment will further promote the use of ceramic cutting tools.

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