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New Ceramic Coating Rod So Hard Chrome Layer Beats!
Aug 12, 2016

1990s, the ceramic coating is applied to the piston rod, than chrome plating has better corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, suitable for use in harsh environments, corrosive conditions. Western countries have a ceramic coating layer rod hydraulic cylinders are widely used in the field of nuclear energy, aerospace, petrochemical, and other.

Hydraulic piston rod

    With the development of the degree of automation to improve water conservancy and hydraulic technology, hydraulic hoist hydraulic engineering has become a commonly used hoisting equipment hydraulic hoist is a major component of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod, head, base, seals and detection devices, wherein the ring is a consumable part, to be replaced regularly, affecting the life of hoist the main components of the piston rod piston rod not only to withstand the frequent friction, but also bear a variety of wet environments and environmental pollution corrosion, its corrosion, wear and routine maintenance and other performance requirements are relatively high. At present, hydraulic hoist rod commonly used preservative way chrome plated and sprayed ceramic.

2 traditional and new piston main parameters

    Chrome plated piston rod layer surface is smooth, silvery metallic luster; ceramic coating surface is smooth, mostly dark, translucent (see Figures 1 and 2).

    Compared to the traditional chrome coating, ceramic coating in the surface porosity, surface hardness, surface roughness, coating thickness and salt spray tests of performance is more excellent, ceramic rod hoist with built-in digital control stroke for travel hoist control is more accurate and reliable (key indicators as listed in table 1).

3 traditional and new comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the piston rod

3.1 traditional craft --- chrome plated shortcomings

    Traditional use of hydraulic hoist rod double plated chrome or nickel and chromium anticorrosive way. Years of engineering practice shows that the piston rod chrome plated chrome plating and coating quality is affected by environmental conditions, the coating is vulnerable to corrosion peeling, leading to corrosion of the piston rod, causing damage seal element and leakage affect the hoist operation and service life with the traditional hydraulic cylinder stroke measurement device supporting multiple wire rope and other external mechanical structure, poor stability of its stroke measuring device measurement accuracy is low, failure rate, by the external environment conditions big impact.

3.2 --- new technology ceramic coating technology advantages

     Ceramic coating technique is the use of high-temperature plasma arc spraying technology through the ceramic powder coating to the base material surface preparation, thereby forming a dense layer of ceramic protective layer. The ceramic rod is developed from the basis of the original ordinary hydraulic cylinder, through ceramic coating technique ceramic protective layer covering the surface of the piston rod through the special treatment, its main advantage is that the anti-corrosion technology and innovation rod cylinder stroke detection device.

3. 2.1 corrosion resistance, strength

    Ceramic piston rod surface heat dense ceramic spray coating with high chemical stability, water resistance, resistance to atmospheric corrosion is better, and salt spray test by a 5% saline solution. Ceramic rod in real bad condition when used with a longer time corrosion resistance, compared to ordinary chrome rod under the same conditions of life can be increased 5-6 times.

3. 2.2 high abrasion resistance

    Combined strength of the ceramic rod ceramic coating and base material exceeds 30MPa, effectively prevent the shedding coating layer; the surface hardness of the ceramic coating exceeds 850HV, with high wear resistance; ceramic rod surface after finishing smooth, the surface roughness can be controlled in Ra0. 3 or less, and effectively reduces the piston seal friction coefficient, reducing the amount of wear of the seal and a piston rod, a further extended service life.

3. 2.3 digital control opening and closing stroke and high precision

    Ceramic piston base by a series of equidistant and circular grooves having a certain depth, and is formed utilizing information magnetically conductive substrate and a non-magnetic conductive ceramic coating reading these trenches by a pulse sensor directly into the piston rod stroke. This species integrated ceramic rod built-in stroke detection device can be directly detected by the displacement of the piston rod, without conversion, there was no cumulative error, the detection accuracy can reach 1mm. at the same time, the trip includes a detection device to trip the shutter fully open , fully closed limit position control and protection, and has a plurality of opening position preset function.

3. 2.4 easy maintenance

    Simply stroke sensor control device mounted directly on the lower end of the cylinder cover, compact structure, small size, and soaked in water use to meet the requirements of [2], maintenance and repair relatively traditional travel device is simple and convenient.

3. 2.5 Environmental manufacturing process 

    Normal wastewater containing chromium plating process and exhaust severe carcinogenic, is a national class to control emissions to the environment and production workers have done great harm. Ceramic Coating Technology Environmental Pollution caused by an electroless plating process, an environmentally friendly coating technology.

4 Projects

4.1 Project Overview

    Taizhou Yinjianghe two second-tier ship lock Gaogang hub lock located on the west side line, grade Ⅲ navigation structures, the largest ship design rating of 1000t level, lock dimensions 23m × 230m × 4m, lock properly navigable water level upstream side 1. 00m, the downstream side of 2. 50m. triangular door locks, water system uses a short corridor to hedge energy dissipation type centralized water supply system, water valve for the flat steel gate helicopter triangular door opening and closing valves and are used hydraulic hoist, upper and lower lock head left and right bank of the triangle are arranged a horizontal gate hydraulic hoist, hoist capacity of 350kN, stroke 4. 70m; water gate hoist equipment use hydraulic hoist, hoist capacity of 300kN, maximum stroke 3. 80m. triangle lock door lock head hoist disposed in side pier empty tank, the valve is disposed in the valve hoist Inoue party. each downstream lock head set two hydraulic station on each side of the triangular door and water door shared set of hydraulic system.

4.2 rod performance index detection

    Taizhou Yinjianghe two second-tier ship lock hub Gaogang hoist uses a ceramic rod hydraulic hoist. In hoist manufacturing and assembly process, metal hardness tester, coating thickness, roughness and steel tape other equipment on the piston rod part of the quality indicators were detected (results listed in table 2). Test results show that the surface hardness of the ceramic rod, and table 2

4.3 Commissioning and operation

       In June 2014, two high-Taizhou Port Hub Yinjianghe tier ship lock project by underwater inspection, in June 2015, by the acceptance put into use, has been officially opened to traffic. Gate hoist site after installation, ensuring gates and hydraulic performed case-cylinder run unhindered card joint commissioning start hydraulic pump station, adjust the relief valve, oil pump working pressure of 50%, 75% and 100%, respectively continuous operation 15min, the system found no abnormal vibration, noise, excessive temperature rise phenomenon, hoist valves and piping No leakage. hoist operation, unimpeded card, abnormal vibration phenomenon, accurate stroke detection device display, both sides of the cylinder synchronization is better. lock corridor valve 24h internal cylinder internal leakage resulting from the settlement amount is less than 100mm, settlement passed the test. during the lock operation, regularly inspect hoist rod, were not found corrosion, wear and other phenomena. 

Gate hoist commissioning and operation of the show: a ceramic rod hoist the indicators meet the design requirements and the relevant specifications.

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