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Comparison With Glass Ceramic Ring
Aug 12, 2016

It is currently the highest penetration rate of utilization and biochemical filter, because to take a different raw material baked, so there are different names, ceramic rings are relatively early stage of the product, due to its efficacy effective now gradually being substituted with glass ring, now extend many different varieties of ordinary glass ring, glass ring breathing, depending on the size, it had a ring, small ring, including porcelain beads, etc., but the main principle is the same, is the use of its special structure, pores to more parasitic nitrifying bacteria. But it does not have the physical filtering, so be sure to use such materials in the back of cotton filter.
Glass ring to buy large surface pores per unit volume and light weight, unbreakable, out of powder. Glass ring does not require frequent cleaning is also one major feature, do not wash when washing all at once, but to clean components in batches, thus avoiding excessive loss of nitrifying bacteria, causing water have too much volatility. When cleaning using the water tank, rinse with tap water do not transition, life glass ring now there is a certain controversy, many people think does not need to be replaced, in fact, this is wrong, mainly glass rings are used nitrifying bacteria parasitic, bacterial will gradually die, some of which will be washed away with the water, but there are still some will stay on top, so accumulated over many years, could create internal pores become smaller and affect the number of denitrifying bacteria, reducing nitrification, according to their actual situation, the general 1--2 years to replace it once.

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