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Ceramic Knife, It Is w\Worth Starting It?
Aug 12, 2016

Last July, returning from Tokyo friend brought me a Kyocera, including a paring knife, a multi-purpose knife and a peeler. Initially they like shiny:

A year later he became the bird-like, write soft ceramic knife, said people must never change took a lot of rebates:

Oh, I know some people will say, "Are you not care?" In fact, I have many friends around the use of ceramic knife is not more than 3 months will breakage occurs, or broken blades collapse tragedy, and now I use two knives very good. And I never run out without washing put the knife back "abuse."

So, whether it is worthwhile ceramic knife start? Start talking about several issues of concern to everyone, after reading you can go to weigh slightly! 

❶ ceramic knife with ceramic, is Yishuai on the break it?

No, drop to the ground will not be broken (I went overboard several times on the right), but it is easy touchdown edge chipping (angle! Angle is very important!), So please try to avoid. 

The ceramic knife with materials related. Ceramic knife is a material called zirconia ball milling granulation, isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering, precision machining and other dozens of procedures made of zirconia high-density, high hardness, known never wear, hardness 90HRC about, second only to diamond. 

That is what HRC? It is a standard Rockwell hardness. Rockwell hardness (Rockwell hardness) by American Rockwell (S.P.Rockwell) proposed in 1921 to, for measuring the hardness of metal materials. This value has no units, only the code "HR" represents. C is one of scale, higher hardness than the material for the HR100, such as hardened steel, tempered steel, quenched and tempered steel and some stainless steel. HRC is the use of 150Kg load and diamond cone pressed into the hardness obtained device. The higher the hardness, the higher the wear resistance, greater brittleness. Hardness is usually a knife blade should be more than Rockwell hardness 50HRC, 60HRC or less. 

Ceramic knife is 90HRC, the sharpness of the blades is more than 10 times, but the relative, the blade brittleness is also large. Paste it in the words of many broken knife master asking how to do, some people actually reply with 502 sticky ...... ah, the pro, you think too much. But the good news is, the case bounced off the edge of the block, the manufacturers can provide repair services.

❷ ceramic knife will never need to wear it?

I once thought so, until recently there were two things: First day Xiaoping Guo skin, your hands find ceramic knife slid open, and actually did not cut into it? ! Second, cut the onion, previously described that the multi-function knife better and more economical, general agent and before I tear distributing onion cut over, but this time I'll cut to half cried not suppress (blade proved weak on squeeze the juice generated) ......

Facts have proved that the ceramic knife grinding is required. Certainly not with the grindstone, the domestic manufacturers are currently considering the provision of specialized services.

To make ceramic knife "old" a little too slow, you'd better use with olefin elastomer cutting board, which is the so-called Kyocera antibacterial cutting board (plastic is not it?), I now use a cutting board that has been appalling, not on the a plan. If the long wooden cutting board with a knife PK, will blunt knife is faster than.

Why ❸ ceramic knife will change?

Domestic authority Foshan Ceramics Research Institute issued a ceramic knife factory inspection report shows that pure zirconia ceramics nearly the highest density 6.05 g / cc density Kyocera ceramic knife in 6.0, some domestic enterprises can achieve a professional, such as Zhang Koizumi (except scissors people have ceramic knife).

Mainly because of discoloration, then high density, it is impossible not Hang (I mean from under a microscope), so be sure will absorb some of the colors. In fact, no matter how clean the dishes, if long-term means curry kind of food, you will find always leave faint traces, difficult to handle. Blades, too, cut a red dragon fruit, resting on the edge do not wash, wait a minute to see certainly leave pink (I'm so rich life experience).

There is a way to slow down, immediately wash the knife is used up, the necessary brushes and detergent. Yes, there is a way, it is to buy black ceramic knife! Concealer comes simply function ......

Also found a very bizarre thing is that some time ago, and domestic manufacturers chat, they are knife blade color, and Kyocera knife is color, I still did not understand why. It involves the comparison of products in Japan, Kyocera by Kazuo Inamori founded in 1959, the company's own business is fine ceramics, electronic components and other products. After all these things or national basic materials science PK, the difference between us and Japan is about 95 and 99.9 (factory original words), later re-sintered zirconia molding, Japan sieve selected smaller particles can be done nanoscale. Slightly different eventually forming different product quality and brand. But considering the price, I would recommend the domestic ceramic knives (national industry to forge ahead ah!). 

❹ healthier than ceramic knife blades do?

Yes. Ceramics strong chemical stability, acid and alkali, never rust; not any chemical reaction with the food, to keep food fresh and original, and delicious. The metal cutting tool sweet acid, more or less minor reactions can occur if the cleaning is not timely, the knife may rust. Think of a child to eat my grandfather gave me a metal taste apples, the taste can still be recall ......

❺ ceramic knife can fillet takes a paper-thin it?

"Cutting fish, fruits, vegetables and other clear-cut, extremely sharp edge", it is true, after all, people's hardness out there, I had super super thin cut bacon, anyway, with a kitchen knife that I was not cut effect (Daogong bad is one of the reasons). 

❻ ceramic knife What should pay attention to?

For parents' generation, the use of ceramic knife switch knife really need to change habits. Chinese people like the cooking time continuity "chop", which is not suitable for ceramic knife, simply, suitable ceramic knife cut, cut, cut, to avoid shoot, knock, pry, throw and hit. 

Absolutely! Correct! Do not! can! cut! bone! head! The following is a friend ZhuTouRou cut cut-out ending, a friend cut sweet potato when excessive force is said to this effect: 

Or even worse broke this:

❼ ceramic knife whether it is worthwhile to buy it?

YES! Ceramic knife is very suitable for women to use in the kitchen, cut fruit, vegetables, meat (cut sashimi Japanese ceramic knife is very handy), not so heavy knife, cut up too fast, I cut my mother no longer have to worry about bad the meat! So I often recommend to their girlfriends.

The other is for the office to eat fruit friends, prepare a 4-inch ceramic knife, what to eat anything easy; then there is the food supplement for children to do something, very clean feeling, of course, be sure to run a good income. 

Finally, a critical material, you think back all the way back from Japan, Kyocera is what Made in Japan, but it is still assembled in China, the factory in Dongguan. Of course, because it involves confidential technology, Kyocera will first blade so well in Japan, the rest of the shank and processing work carried out in China. 

To conclude, if you have not used the ceramic knife, I recommend that you start with one. One that looks really small fresh than steel, holding cut fruit, to be a cold dish, the mood is good. There are wooden handle choose Oh, look more beautiful ~~

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