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Ceramic anti-static floor
Aug 12, 2016

Ceramic anti-static floor [Overview]

Steel ceramic anti-static flooring Shanghai Baosteel high quality alloy cold-rolled steel, the spot shape after stretching. In the production process of ceramic surface layer, uniform injection of anti-static additive due to abrasion of the surface layer, anti-static properties can be maintained for more than 60 years. Resistance and the system is stable, Ministry of Information Industry Association anti-static testing, the performance met the requirements.

[Ceramic anti-static flooring system assembly]

Steel ceramic anti-static flooring system of floor, beams, bearing composition. Beams and their own height adjustable abutment screw link into a solid lower support system, floor mosaic into the box beams surrounded.

Ceramic anti-static floor [Features]

Steel ceramic anti-static floor all-steel, with high mechanical strength, carrying capacity, fire performance. Surface electrostatic spray, soft, wearable, corrosion, cracking. Pasted decorative ceramics is antistatic, abrasion resistance and anti-static performance, anti-pollution, easy to clean, decorative, fire resistance. Main advantages: wiring capacity, interchangeability, easy maintenance, durable.

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