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An Important Development Direction Of The Ceramic Ball
Aug 12, 2016

The amount of the ball is the most widely used of all pipeline valves, Shanghai Bao Ming after years of numerous visits ceramic ball manufacturers, currently in worldwide production of ceramic ball really very few manufacturers, but most are just a ceramic ball as a small branch series ball valve series only, the production of a relatively short history, the longest no more than 20 years. In the foreign production company has a ceramic ball and CERA SYSTEM ARTEC Germany, the United States of NIL-COR and Deco DURCO Corporation, Japan's FUJIKIN companies.

Ceramic ball in the choice of materials completely subvert the traditional sense of the valve, the valve's entire flow path design, all parts in contact with the media are ceramic materials, the use of ceramic materials inherent advantages, to wear anti-erosion the goal of. Further ceramic material as the inorganic non-metallic salt, its corrosion resistance is very good, in addition to hydrofluoric acid HF than for other pH nothing happens. While the ceramic itself has a self-cleaning function to protect the valve itself is clean, to avoid the occurrence of secondary pollution. Due to its excellent wear resistance, corrosion and erosion resistance, as the only appropriate medium for such valves.

In recent years, due to the martensitic transformation toughening technology, composite materials and nano-ceramic Branch Technical development of the concept and progress has been made ceramic ball "brittle," has been greatly improved, its toughness and strength has been greatly improved range of applications continues to expand, in petroleum, chemicals, machinery and other areas is very active, use ceramic ball wear resistance, corrosion resistance and production of wear parts to replace metal corrosion or stainless steel ball valve, in recent years one important development direction of high-tech materials market.

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