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Alumina Ceramic Tube Related To Sintering Technology
Aug 12, 2016

Alumina ceramic tube is a very commonly used alumina ceramic pieces, which is mainly produced by sintering molding technology, whether it is performance or quality of a certain degree of protection. But selective sintering technology will be more, so far Which we think is good?

Alumina ceramic tube production process, the most commonly used is the atmospheric sintering, but as technology advances, the use of technology is certainly more than this one. It is understood that there are hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing and sintering. Although continuous hot pressing on to increase production of some help, but the biggest limitation is the high cost of equipment and tooling, and length of the article will be limited.

The hot isostatic pressing and sintering is the use of high temperature and high pressure gas as the pressure transmission medium, so it has all the advantages of uniform heating to meet various requirements of complex shaped sintered article. Compared with several other technology, it is made of alumina ceramic tube performance is also significantly improved, precisely because of this, some special alumina ceramic parts are fired by hot isostatic pressing.

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